Jesus In The Court Room – a book review

An interesting and eye opening perspective on Jesus’s engagement with the law, interpreting the law in biblical times, and how we can apply these teaching to the court room today. The author is John W. Mauck, JD. Mauck is an attorney at Mauck & Baker, LLC in Chicago, IL. Mauck received his B.A. from Yale and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago.

Mauck provides a fresh perspective on the engagement of the law in biblical times and today. My initial thoughts on what this book was about fell short of the powerful insight and depth that it brought to scripture, the idea of how Jesus acted much like an attorney in his day engaging the law, and the teachings of scripture with the court room today. As a believer there is much to be learned and gleaned from this book. The content is rich and challenging. I was left with a powerful new perspective on Christ’s revolutionary interpretation, and eye opening position on the law versus the fallacies and misguided views of the Pharisees, Saducees and the high court The Sanhedrin of the day.

If you are someone who wants a fresh perspective and powerful insight into the scriptures, the legal system in biblical times and today. This book is for you. This has become one of my all time favorite books.

Family, Work and the Cost, Where is the line?

It’s a Sunday morning and at 5am my phone rings after having putting in a 50 hour work week. It’s a coworker needing relief as they have been on call and working for over 24 hours. It’s a friend so I agree to come in to work and relieve her to let her go home for 8 hours. I am grateful in one since for the overtime pay which is great. In the other since I have had over 70-130 hours of overtime a month since last November. I covet my weekends and evenings with my kids and my wife, but always appreciate the extra money. I have 2 kids with Cystic Fibrosis who I want to be around and support as much as possible as well. I have lately been struggling with this as my kiddos are missing out on their dad, and my wife doesn’t see me much. Where is the line? When is enough, enough? I make good money, but at what price. This has been a large part of my prayer life and thoughts lately as my job provides well and the benefits and retirement are great. Again the struggle is how much am I willing to give up with my family?

I am curious those of you out their that have been through similar struggles and this dilemma what conclusions have you drawn? Especially in this economy?

Any Millionaires want to share lol.

Charlie Gard has the US Presidents backing coming to the US for treatment, but British Hospital will not allow it.

This is the most heart wrenching story. The United States President has backed this family in desiring to bring Charlie to the United States where doctors have an experimental treatment that can save his life potentially. The doctors and US hospital want to bring him to the US with support of the president, members of congress and many others. The United Kingdom death panels, and horrible health care system there are fighting to prevent this precious life from having a chance. This is greed, politics, pride and pure EVIL. The family has raised almost 2 million dollars for this experimental treatment, and the British medical professionals are still fighting it. Charlie suffers from a rare condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome and has serious brain damage. US doctors believe their experimental treatment could save his life.

This is the precious baby and family:

I want to know where is Prime Minister Theresa May, The Queen, The Whole Royal Family for that matter, where is parliament. Shame on all of you who have power to influence, and give this child, and family a fighting chance. If Charlie dies before getting this treatment then his blood is on all of you for history, you #shameful, #greedy and prideful #cowards. People of the U.K. Do not let your Royal Family and or government be left unaccountable for allowing this. Remember this when you vote, speak out, protest, call parliament, fight for this child, because this issue is much bigger than him, you or your child may be next.

This is a prime example of why universal health care is awful, these death panels and the power the government and these medical professionals hold is wicked, ridiculous and evil.

My Son was born three months early and they told us several times to abort and that he would not live. He was 2.2 lbs at birth, and we sat day in and out for 3 months in a neonatal icu with him. He is alive, 5 years old and perfectly healthy. It is not the doctors decision for your child's life, that is between the parent and the creator. As a parent I would go to the ends of the earth, and do anything I had to in order to save the life of my child. I have 5 little ones under 6, 2 of them have Cystic Fibrosis, and I will support them, and fight for them everyday. Life is precious, and if God has enabled Man to find a possible treatment for Charlie's condition then no government or person should be allowed to prevent it, especially when the family has raised close to 2 million dollars for the treatment.

Please pray and fight for this family.

Five Ways To Entertain Your Kids While On The Road..

You are about to pull your hair out, just picture Chris Farley in a moment of frustration driving down the road, because your kids are bored, and driving you crazy those lovable little ones 🙂

Your in the midst of wanting to drop all of them off and drive into the sunset j/k, but lets be honest all of us parents have had this moment I call the Bridge Imbankment courtesy of the late Chris Farley. 

Here is your solution:

#1) Play road game greats, such as: license plate searches for each of the fifty states, types and makes of cars, counting cows, best impersonator of the animals we see, Sing alongs although not my favorite.

#2) Bring Ipads or tablets for everyone, dvd players. Be cautious of screen time and ability to charge, as to much screen time or loss of charge will cause grumpy kiddos.

#3) Create a Travel binder of activities for your kids

#4) Nest Organizing with Sticky Notes (Amazing)

Sticky Note Time Tabs

Here is another one of the 3 tips for organized travel in this series, and it focuses on organized travel with kids.


A little bit of planning and preparation goes a long way in making a road trip with children easier, enjoyable and more fun! This is what we used on our recent travels from western NY to northern Maine.


Sticky Note Time Tabs

Sticky Note Time Tabs for Organized Travel with Kids – Neat Nest Organizing


Here is how it works:

1. Choose an interval of travel time that suits the age and developmental stage of your child(ren). Mine are 8 and 6, so one-hour increments were just right for them.


2. Use sticky notes to record the increments and stick them to the center console below the clock.


3. Tell the children that when the clock-time matches the sticky note-time, there will be a small surprise.


4. When the interval is reached, remove the sticky note and hand out the prize/monotony-breaker.


5. Add more intervals as needed. (I could only fit four at a time.)


Prizes/Monotony Breakers

The prizes I packed included:

*Little craft kits (sticky mosaics are a big hit!)

*Activity books (paper dolls, sticker storybooks)

*Little trinket toy set

*Little coloring kit

*Candy (Gasp! Yes, a few small treats are just fine to enjoy.)

*Book on CD

*iPod with music

*iPod Touch for electronic game time


Travel Guess Who? and Bendaroos were fun options, too.


Bingo also found its way into the prize bag. I can call out the objects from my seat.


Removable sticky page tabs make great travel bingo markers. They stay put & are reusable, too!


Tootsie Pop Contest: See how long each person can go without biting off the candy. 

This took about 20+ minutes; it was fun and also kept things quiet for a bit- bonus!

Packed prize bag was stored near me for easy access.

Note: Prizes came from many sources. We bought a few at Dollar General, got some from Grandma specifically for the trip and some were from a stash I had put away a few months ago. (They seemed like new when brought out for the trip!)
 Also, each child was required to pack her own car bag as well. I am not the only source of entertainment for trips. At these ages, my children are primarily responsible for making their own fun, and they really enjoy preparing and packing their own bags, too. 

Inspiration for this idea came from a July 2012 article in Family Fun Magazine. The author used clothespins attached to the visor instead of the sticky notes. The sticky notes worked better for us, and I liked having the exact time increment written on each. It prevented the constant barrage of “is-it-time-for-our-next-surprise?” questions. Plus, the sticky notes were easy to store, use and remove.

idea and content from

#5) Create some surprise Eggs and wraps some gifts from the dollar store for them to open on the car ride.

Why We Love Writing, And You Should Too…

Writing is an incredible form of expression. It allows you time to gather your thoughts, and organize them onto paper whether its a blog, journal, research paper, quick notes, you name it. There is an incredible power in the art of writing, and the health benefits.

Writing as a stress relief:

1) I have learned to keep a digital journal at my job to record my days events, to protect myself for accountability in my line of work, as well as write out my frustrations to allow me time to reflect on them, before trying to remedy issues that need addressed.

2) Writing down ideas, dreams, and goals helps you to make plans, and take actions to change your life by making your thoughts a visual reminder.

3) When learning new material whether it’s for an academic class, work or self reflection making notes, writing down main points, items that stand out help you to put that content into long term memory. This will help with frustration and organization.

“Stress, trauma, and unexpected life developments — such as a cancer diagnosis, a car accident, or a layoff — can throw people off stride emotionally and mentally. Writing about thoughts and feelings that arise from a traumatic or stressful life experience — called expressive writing — may help some people cope with the emotional fallout of such events”. -Health Harvard

“You can use journaling to help you deal with stressors you don’t feel comfortable sharing with others. Stress psychologists have shown that journaling enhances immune function and can alter the course of chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma”. -Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH (

“A groundbreaking study of writing’s physical effects appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. 281, No. 14) three years ago. In the study, led by Smyth, 107 asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients wrote for 20 minutes on each of three consecutive days–71 of them about the most stressful event of their lives and the rest about the emotionally neutral subject of their daily plans.

Four months after the writing exercise, 70 patients in the stressful-writing group showed improvement on objective, clinical evaluations compared with 37 of the control patients. In addition, those who wrote about stress improved more, and deteriorated less, than controls for both diseases. “So writing helped patients get better, and also kept them from getting worse,” says Smyth.” -Bridgett Murray (

So take a few minutes today and Journal your thoughts, or write down some goals and ideas you have. Happy Writing and Happy health.

10 Best Blogs to follow for Family Fun, Crafts, Slime and More

OMG! Have you every wished you had a treasure trove of ideas for fun with your kids that were cheap, fun and lots of variety. Well stay tuned today is your lucky day. As a dad of five on a conservative budget we have learned that creativity is key, and we have discovered that you can do a lot of stuff super cheap. Please check out these amazing resources and let me know what you do for fun, sites you recommend and what do you think of these awesome resources?

Blog #10






What will you find at U Create?

thousands of free tutorials, recipes and projects that inspire “YOU” to create

the latest craft trends and projects in the craft industry

free printables and downloads for holidays, home decor, and simple gifts

tips and tricks to make creating fun

occasional guest posts from creative people all around the world
Blog #5

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What crafts do you enjoy doing with your kids? What tips and tricks do you have to offer?

Renovate, Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are – A Book Review

A review of the book “Renovate, Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are” by Leonce B. Crump Jr.

This is a work of non fiction, which accounts the life of Pastor Leonce Crump and his ministry in Atlanta, GA. The book addresses the challenges of ministry, and the realization that Pastor Crump came to that changed his life, and ministry forever. This is a book for all ministry leaders, missionaries, preachers, teachers, and all believers. The overall content addresses how Pastor Crump and his family were able to reach the people of Atlanta by knowing them, understanding them, living among them, and knowing their story.

The book opens with a powerful quote “Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task is accomplished, the people will say ‘We have done this ourselves’ “. (Crump, 2016)

The book challenges the reader over the theory of place. Crump asks the question “Why are we here?”, the whole book is built on this foundation. The author wants to challenge the reader to think about their community, are you their to bless people, contribute, and make a difference helping others, or are you in your community for yourself and your own gain.

Crump challenges his readers with the Christian idea that our home is not of this world and heaven is where we long to be. Crump calls this a false dichotomy. Crump asks “why would we live detached from what Jesus came to save?” Scripture says Jesus came to save the world. The escapist route is best captured by that word “transience”, which Crump calls the ministry problem, if not the life problem of our time. The renovating route evokes words like perseverance, faithfulness, long-suffering, staying put. (Crump, 13-14)

Crump states “Simply, our goal is not to get off the planet, but to see it renovated. Our goal is to see God heal the infection that affects His world because this world is our home” (Crump, 39).

Crump continues on in his book to draw on this theory of place. Crump talks about the understanding that the earth is our eternal home where God will renovate and restore his creation that he called good and came to save. Crump makes a point that once as a believer we understand this, we can move our hearts to that of a redemptive spirit, and passion for our cities.

The author continues on talking about the importance of knowing your city, the ins and outs of your community. Know the business’s, where people like to go in the community, and most importantly learn and dive into the local culture of the people. Crump States “if you can’t speak someone’s language, it doesn’t matter what you are saying”. (Crump, 74)

“Renovation happens through networks of people who think critically about culture and seek out ways in which the gospel can be applied to their work or creativity, creatively”. (Crump, 127)

“God speaks of a collective people, not individuals. And our efforts to renovate our culture must be in the same light”. (Crump, 127)

Crump covers the importance of understanding what being sent to minister means, and like the Israelites who were exiled we are to live and build homes among those we are wanting to love and serve, bless the community, 

Crump discusses how he learned the importance of living among the people in the heart of Atlanta instead of living in a different place than he ministered in. Crump quotes Jeremiah 29:1-7 this section of scripture has given him a passion for how he is to do ministry. He believes that in order to live out the call of being sent and theory of place, we as believers must have “renewal in all facets of the social structure of a place is an implication of the gospel, as the gospel has a deep, vital, and healthy impact on business, the arts, government, media, and academia of the society.” (Crump, 172)

Crump also discusses from Jeremiah 29 the importance of intermarriage to create a new ethnic, “…to be freed from the bounds of predjudice, fear, and hang-ups, of simply being identified by our race, class or culture. We belong to become a new people altogether, a beautiful tapestry of Gods creation…” (Crump, 185)

My reactions to this book was that I was greatly challenged spiritually in my view of ministry, how I viewed heaven and earth and my understanding of place. Crump gave a lot of insight in understanding how to reach a city, how to live and be among the people you want to reach. Crump had amazing insights into scripture, and the power of his message. As an ordained minister I was challenged in how I have practiced, done and viewed ministry. This book has provided me with a bag full of tools on how to effectively reach my community as the Israelites were instructed to do in Jeremiah 29:1-7. 

Renovation Church

Author: Pastor Leon B Crump Jr


Book Link:

My Blog:

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of a review.

Masters Degree, Vacation, and Mr. Mom

Man its been awhile since I have sat down to write on my blog or journal period. My wife Angela flew out across the country on Saturday, I took vacation for a week to care for our 5 little ones, 2 dogs, and a cat. Two of my kiddos have Cystic Fibrosis and have treatments, meds three times a day. I have never felt more appreciation and respect for all that my stay at home wife does. On top of all this during the school year she home schools our kiddos through Liberty University Academy. 

I am in awe. I am only 1 day in, and I have to admit its a lot to take on, schedule, and keep track of. Cleaning, Dishes, Laundry, Cooking, Animals, Treatments, spending time with kiddos and breathing. It is amazing at how hard, and how much time my wife puts in a day. I feel like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. My daughters drew all over our master bathroom with lipstick, my other son spilled on the carpet, dogs barking to go to the bathroom, ovens beeping, reminder goes off about treatments, someone knocks on the door, the phone rings, OMG!! Lol

Gods gives us amazing spouses that have talents and gifts that we lack. I am amazed at what my beautiful amazing wife can do. After this week I am going to be worn out, feel like I have completed boot camp for dads, and gotten my own masters in being Mr. Mom. Stay Tuned!

Weight Loss, Cystic Fibrosis and Lip Gloss

Well its been awhile since I wrote to you last. A lot has happened. I have continued with my journey on losing all of the extra weight on my body. I am still doing my workout routine and taking the supplements that have saved and changed my life for the better. I am down now almost 20 lbs in 30 days. I have more energy than I ever remember having since I was a teen, my joints, muscles and body overall does not ache, and hurt like it used to. I have better mental focus and clarity, and a whole new outlook on life. It’s amazing that I can now get down on the floor, and play with my kids, run around with them, and I have tons of energy to work on the house now, instead of relying on my wife for it. Before starting these supplements I would come home from work, and collapse from being worn out, from not being able to keep my blood sugars were they needed to be. My blood sugars since starting these supplements have been consistently under 120 which is perfect!, and I am taking much less insulin. I cannot wait to be able to be done with Insulin all together.

IMG_2920.JPGSo, my son Gunnar 3 months old who is pictured here has Cystic Fibrosis. On Friday he was admitted to a Children’s hospital where we live as he has a horrible congested cough. He will be there for 1 week on strong antibiotics, respiratory therapy, and a battery of tests to make sure they get everything covered. I have come to respect all that my wife does so much more, as I have been solo at home with our other 4 children since this happened. Thank you to all of the amazing mothers out there, so much respect for you and all you do. Yes I will admit it lol I am at times overwhelmed, but I love my kids and its been fun, crazy, and all the above.



Fun example of my chaos: Helping my two sons go to the restroom, in a split second my 2 little girls sneak into my master bathroom, open my wives lip gloss, proceed to grab multiple q tips and smear the lip gloss all over my bathroom toilet seat. They have to have some higher power connection to stop time, because I have no idea how in a matter of less than 1 minute they cause as much chaos as they are so capable of LOL. Fun memories, but Lord almighty I miss my wife, praying for Gunnar to heal and have them home soon. #daddyneedsavacation