Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you are trying to be a superhero parent by doing everything you are supposed to do? I sorta felt like that today working hard, taking care of my kids, working from home. Then its always toward the end of the night when drama happens!

Work calls, and I get a call with a storm of a mess at work. My first thing I goto is STRESS! STRESS! WORRY! WORRY! It is amazing what having an amazing support system of friends and family around you does for you therapeutically. I think I am alright now, but man I think I am going to give myself PTSD when I see the phone ring and its my job. It’s never a call celebrating the day and how wonderful life is, with my line of work it’s always a problem or serious issue that I have to contend with.

Then comes the relief. While I was writing this post I called a dear friend of mine and just asked for some prayer. Man it is amazing how God can give a close friend, such a powerful word that just reminds you of how much the Lord is in control of everything in your life before, during and after anything that comes up.

Feeling much more relieved, and ready for a good movie to relax to. I am making a goal as well to try to get to a stack of books I need to review, and get them posted on here…time will tell.

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