Charlie Gard has the US Presidents backing coming to the US for treatment, but British Hospital will not allow it.

This is the most heart wrenching story. The United States President has backed this family in desiring to bring Charlie to the United States where doctors have an experimental treatment that can save his life potentially. The doctors and US hospital want to bring him to the US with support of the president, members of congress and many others. The United Kingdom death panels, and horrible health care system there are fighting to prevent this precious life from having a chance. This is greed, politics, pride and pure EVIL. The family has raised almost 2 million dollars for this experimental treatment, and the British medical professionals are still fighting it. Charlie suffers from a rare condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome and has serious brain damage. US doctors believe their experimental treatment could save his life.

This is the precious baby and family:

I want to know where is Prime Minister Theresa May, The Queen, The Whole Royal Family for that matter, where is parliament. Shame on all of you who have power to influence, and give this child, and family a fighting chance. If Charlie dies before getting this treatment then his blood is on all of you for history, you #shameful, #greedy and prideful #cowards. People of the U.K. Do not let your Royal Family and or government be left unaccountable for allowing this. Remember this when you vote, speak out, protest, call parliament, fight for this child, because this issue is much bigger than him, you or your child may be next.

This is a prime example of why universal health care is awful, these death panels and the power the government and these medical professionals hold is wicked, ridiculous and evil.

My Son was born three months early and they told us several times to abort and that he would not live. He was 2.2 lbs at birth, and we sat day in and out for 3 months in a neonatal icu with him. He is alive, 5 years old and perfectly healthy. It is not the doctors decision for your child's life, that is between the parent and the creator. As a parent I would go to the ends of the earth, and do anything I had to in order to save the life of my child. I have 5 little ones under 6, 2 of them have Cystic Fibrosis, and I will support them, and fight for them everyday. Life is precious, and if God has enabled Man to find a possible treatment for Charlie's condition then no government or person should be allowed to prevent it, especially when the family has raised close to 2 million dollars for the treatment.

Please pray and fight for this family.

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