gregandangelaThe purpose of this site is to take on liberals one argument at a time, and to challenge the Washington Cartel of politics especially the GOP, as well as to provide my readers with book reviews and thoughts. Join me in discussion about our nations most important topics that impact our nation, our families and our future. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Corban University, a Master of Divinity degree from Liberty University, and I am currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree at George Fox University.

I have pastored churches for seven years, and have taken a break to pursue a career as a social worker in the Pacific Northwest. I am an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish, camp and travel with my family. My passions are my faith, family, work, reading, and standing up for my conservative patriotic values.

My hope is that my thoughts, ideas and reflections will give you thought-provoking insight into modern-day issues that effect us all. We are a nation founded on Christian values, and an agreed upon rights provided to us by God that include: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. My lens will be through that of our founding documents as a nation the constitution, bill of rights, and our founding fathers. When I engage in a faith-based conversation I will approach it through the eyes of scripture.

All of these truths still remain today no matter what progressive liberals attempt to do. I am a small voice that will use my voice to defend these rights, defend these truths, and our freedoms.


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