Charlie Gard has the US Presidents backing coming to the US for treatment, but British Hospital will not allow it.

This is the most heart wrenching story. The United States President has backed this family in desiring to bring Charlie to the United States where doctors have an experimental treatment that can save his life potentially. The doctors and US hospital want to bring him to the US with support of the president, members of congress and many others. The United Kingdom death panels, and horrible health care system there are fighting to prevent this precious life from having a chance. This is greed, politics, pride and pure EVIL. The family has raised almost 2 million dollars for this experimental treatment, and the British medical professionals are still fighting it. Charlie suffers from a rare condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome and has serious brain damage. US doctors believe their experimental treatment could save his life.

This is the precious baby and family:

I want to know where is Prime Minister Theresa May, The Queen, The Whole Royal Family for that matter, where is parliament. Shame on all of you who have power to influence, and give this child, and family a fighting chance. If Charlie dies before getting this treatment then his blood is on all of you for history, you #shameful, #greedy and prideful #cowards. People of the U.K. Do not let your Royal Family and or government be left unaccountable for allowing this. Remember this when you vote, speak out, protest, call parliament, fight for this child, because this issue is much bigger than him, you or your child may be next.

This is a prime example of why universal health care is awful, these death panels and the power the government and these medical professionals hold is wicked, ridiculous and evil.

My Son was born three months early and they told us several times to abort and that he would not live. He was 2.2 lbs at birth, and we sat day in and out for 3 months in a neonatal icu with him. He is alive, 5 years old and perfectly healthy. It is not the doctors decision for your child's life, that is between the parent and the creator. As a parent I would go to the ends of the earth, and do anything I had to in order to save the life of my child. I have 5 little ones under 6, 2 of them have Cystic Fibrosis, and I will support them, and fight for them everyday. Life is precious, and if God has enabled Man to find a possible treatment for Charlie's condition then no government or person should be allowed to prevent it, especially when the family has raised close to 2 million dollars for the treatment.

Please pray and fight for this family.

Radical Islamic Terrorism: The truth, The lies, and What the media will not tell you.

Gun Control, Are u Serious?



The horrible tragedy that recently took place in Orlando by a “radical Islamic terrorist” was one that left a nation, a state and 49 families, friends and loved ones’ morning. To see politicians, such as President Obama use this incident to push his political agenda for gun control is shameful and ridiculous. Gun control will never stop a criminal from obtaining a gun and killing their target. Gun control will only tie the hands of law abiding citizens from protecting themselves, their homes and their families. I wonder how differently that night in that Orlando night club would have gone if a few of those men and women would have had a pistol on them, how many lives would have been spared.

To let Islamic radical terrorist allow our government to change our laws, impede on our 2nd amendment rights, is letting them win, and allowing terrorism to have the upper hand. Instead of impeding our rights as Americans why doesn’t the federal government put on a campaign urging states to have its citizens, teachers, bouncers, bar tenders, store managers, employees, etc. either conceal carry or open carry. Terrorists would be outnumbered, and less deaths would occur from these wacko radical Islamic terrorists. Also to touch basis on the argument of magazine limits, it is my right to have whatever size clip on my firearm that I want. Limiting an American on their clip size will not stop the enemy “radical Islamic terrorists” from having larger clips. They are murderers and criminals they do not care about our laws, and will find other means to obtain the guns and clips they want.

“It is important to note, however, that the gun the Orlando shooter used was not actually an AR-15, as many outlets first reported. Shooter Omar Mateen used Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a Glock 17 9mm pistol, both of which he purchased legally.” -Megan Kelly

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down,” Stern said, “but I can’t believe these people would come out afterward and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public. It’s f***ing mind-blowing to me.” -Howard Stern

“There are plenty of gun-control measures I’d support. Banning high-cap magazines, for one. But banning gun sales to anyone who’s ever caught the FBI’s attention? No thanks,” he wrote. “Senate Democrats have finally put me in the position of agreeing with the NRA. Nice” -Kevin Drum

Terrorism, Religion Specific or not?

When is the last time you saw a Christian go into a gay club or his or her employer, and do a mass killing in the name of Jesus Christ? Terrorism in the modern times is specific to the radical sect of the religion of Islam. The United States has a government that will not officially recognize this truth, and sympathizes to people of this mindset. I do believe that there are peaceful and loving Muslims in our country where they enjoy American freedoms granted by our constitution. We as a people must also recognize that this modern day terrorism we are experiencing is about Islam.

Christians are not beheading Muslims for their faith, raping little girls, engaging in human trafficking, keeping women and children as sex slaves, burning and hanging gay people for public display, not valuing women as equal, the list goes on, but Islamic extremists are. This reminds me of a woman in Europe recently who was a nanny for a couple, while they were at work she cut the child’s head off, and walked down the street yelling Allah Achbah. It is this writer’s opinion that the religion of Islam is not one of peace, love and harmony that the media likes to propagandize. Christianity preaches love, mercy, forgiveness, it does not propagate murder, violence, selfishness, rape, slavery, evil wickedness. It is time for America to wake up, and call out to our president and leaders to take on radical Islamic terrorist’s instead of blaming gun control, and their pacifist stance of not being even able to name it as  “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Concluding Thoughts:

For you as the reader truly consider obtaining a concealed weapons permit, learn how to shoot a firearm, and purchase a gun for yourself. Being prepared in a horrible situation such as the Orlando night club, a home invasion, or any life threatening situation will give you the upper hand to protect yourself, your family, and others. It may be you who stops a criminal from harming someone else, or a terrorist from killing multitudes. You are an American, our founding fathers believed in the second amendment for this reason.

Also do your own research AR-15’s are not worth banning. The Orlando killer didn’t even have one on him. Learn about guns, the sport of them, the fun, and also the responsibility that goes with them for home and self-defense. Don’t listen to left wing liberal wackos in the media that are just out to push President Obama’s agendas.


Educate yourself on the religion of these radical Islamic terrorist’s. I recommend the book “It is about Islam” by Glen Beck