Jesus In The Court Room – a book review

An interesting and eye opening perspective on Jesus’s engagement with the law, interpreting the law in biblical times, and how we can apply these teaching to the court room today. The author is John W. Mauck, JD. Mauck is an attorney at Mauck & Baker, LLC in Chicago, IL. Mauck received his B.A. from Yale and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago.

Mauck provides a fresh perspective on the engagement of the law in biblical times and today. My initial thoughts on what this book was about fell short of the powerful insight and depth that it brought to scripture, the idea of how Jesus acted much like an attorney in his day engaging the law, and the teachings of scripture with the court room today. As a believer there is much to be learned and gleaned from this book. The content is rich and challenging. I was left with a powerful new perspective on Christ’s revolutionary interpretation, and eye opening position on the law versus the fallacies and misguided views of the Pharisees, Saducees and the high court The Sanhedrin of the day.

If you are someone who wants a fresh perspective and powerful insight into the scriptures, the legal system in biblical times and today. This book is for you. This has become one of my all time favorite books.

10 Best Blogs to follow for Family Fun, Crafts, Slime and More

OMG! Have you every wished you had a treasure trove of ideas for fun with your kids that were cheap, fun and lots of variety. Well stay tuned today is your lucky day. As a dad of five on a conservative budget we have learned that creativity is key, and we have discovered that you can do a lot of stuff super cheap. Please check out these amazing resources and let me know what you do for fun, sites you recommend and what do you think of these awesome resources?

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What will you find at U Create?

thousands of free tutorials, recipes and projects that inspire “YOU” to create

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What crafts do you enjoy doing with your kids? What tips and tricks do you have to offer?